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Suitable for novice white

— Suitable for inexperienced novices —

Choose a product — predicting a rise and fall — a fast profit

$100 low deposit / $5 starting / 30 second trading / 90% to high yield

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For veteran investment

— Suitable for experienced investors —

Choosing a product — predicting a rise or fall — the greater the magnitude – the higher the return

$100 low deposit / $20 to trade / 1:300 maximum leverage / Stop loss

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Transactable currency pair BTC/USD
transaction hourMonday to Friday09:00—00:00(Beijing time)
Trading stepChoose a product - predict the ups and downs - fill in the amount - click on the transaction - sit and make money(Only for extremes trading)
assetsrate of return
  • EUR / USD85%
  • EUR / JPY85%
  • EUR / AUD85%
  • AUD / USD85%
  • GBP / USD85%
  • USD / JPY85%
  • USD / CHF85%
assetsrate of return
  • Gold85%
  • Hang Seng70%
  • A5070%
  • Bitcoin65%
  • Other virtual currencies60%

rate of return

- time(Every Friday):January 10th,2019

- Revenue enhancement product: USD/CAD , EUR/USD , EUR/JPY (During the upgrade, we will temporarily stop trading these currency pairs, thanks for your understanding

Note: 1. The above-mentioned yield is the base rate of return of the platform, and the upgrade account level can increase the additional rate of return.

  2、The return on assets may change at any time. The above values are for reference only. Please refer to the actual transaction.

Financial calendar2021-03
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time country event
12:00 Japan Final value of October leading index
12:00 Japan Final value of monthly index leading index in October (%)
12:00 Japan Final value of October sync index
12:00 Japan Final value monthly rate of the copper index 10 (%)
time country event
06:30 Japan November unemployment rate (%)
06:30 Japan Tokyo's annual CPI rate in December (%)
06:30 Japan National annual CPI of November (%)
19:45 America Annual rate of Goldman Sachs sales chain - ICSC in the week to December 23 (%)
21:00 America Housing price index is not quarterly adjusted in the big city S & P / CS20 October
time country event
08:30 China Annual profit of industrial enterprises in the province in November (%)
14:00 Germany Actual retail sales ratio in November (%) (12 / 27-1 / 3)
16:30 England Number of BBA mortgage home loan applications in November
22:00 America Monthly rate of contract house sales after season adjustment in November (%)
22:00 America December Conference Board consumer confidence index
time country event
04:30 America Crude oil reserve fluctuation API in the week to nagf 22/12
04:30 America Variation of petroleum reserve API in the week to 22/12
20:30 America Initial value of monthly rate by wholesale reserve in November (%)
20:30 America Number of people applying for unemployment in the week to December 23
21:45 America December Chicago PMI
time country event
14:00 Germany January Gfk consumer confidence index
16:30 England Final value annual rate of GDP in the third quarter (%)
20:30 America The annual PCE price index for November (%)
20:30 America Personal spending rate in November (%)
22:30 America Final value of Michigan University consumer confidence index in December
time country event
01:00 America Total number of boreholes Baker Hughes in the week to 29/12
01:00 America Total number of Baker Hughes oil wells in the week to 29/12
02:00 America Total natural gas wells Baker Hughes in the week to 29/12
01:00 America Total number of Baker Hughes marriage boreholes in the week to 29/12
time country event
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He is good at technical operation and data statistics, familiar with market movements and trading rules, and is good at observing changes in asset trends. In combination with personal experience, he has a unique "long-line operation method". Pay attention to the operating principle of “taking the movement as static, moving and static”.
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